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Virtual Departure Lounge


Art director, visual development artist, UI/UX, narrative designer


2 Developers

1 3D Modeler

1 Project Manager


Departure Lounge Inc.


12 weeks

The Virtual Departure Lounge is a guided immersive virtual tour of Departure Lounge's office (to scale) and their volumetric capture studio, built in Unreal Engine.


Unreal Engine, Procreate, Figma, Adobe Audition, After Effects


Departure Lounge Inc. is a diversified and nimble holding company that takes advantage of synergistic Metaverse trends while seeking autonomous ownership of the key-value creation points in the ecosystem. To support their Metaverse-related technology and content initiatives, our team built a digital replica of the Vancouver Departure Lounge Metastage Facility with a PC-based immersive virtual tour of the Metastage, a volumetric capture studio, housed inside the digital Departure Lounge studio.

The goal is to build a fully-functional virtual tour for senior product managers in entertainment industries who are seeking to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of virtual productions while creating true-to-life models.

Project summary

On this project, I solidified the look and feel according client specifications and ease of navigation through clear and concise art direction, and uncluttered UI. I also worked on the UX design together with my team to create the narrative structure of the experience. Later, I recorded all audio for the guided tour and developed a style guide for Departure Lounge Inc. to use moving forward. Finally, I art directed and created a promotional trailer in Unreal Engine and After Effects, with technical assistance from my team's developer. 


Made with Unreal Engine sequencer and After Effects.

Virtual Walkthrough
Design System

Click on the link to view the complete design system for this walkthrough!

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