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Art director, motion + sound designer, illustrator, vocal provider


Adobe After Effects, Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Audition, FL Studio


4 weeks

.noize is a personal project of mine from my time as a vocal provider and voice actress on YouTube. My projects are uploaded under the alias ✧乃音, or NONON. My team and I joined a duet competition where we submitted a concept, storyline, and original music video based on the theme given, and selected song.

Project summary

The assigned theme for the project was "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."


Here was how we interpreted the theme through our music video. The storyline was partly inspired by the Korean film, train to Busan (2016):


"In the midst of a global epidemic, two individuals are sent to catch a plane to Busan, each with a different purpose - one, to protect the only known cure, and another, to steal it. Blinded by desperation, their only means for survival is to become friends, if only to defeat a mutual enemy."

Promotional Teaser

Made in After Effects, recorded in Adobe Audition, and mixed in FL Studio.

Music Video
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