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The Lamplighter


Visual development artist (environment), motion & sound designer


1 Developer

1 Game Designer

1 Concept artist

1 Narrative Writer

1 Project Manager


Sidescoller: 3 months

Third person: Ongoing

The Lamplighter is a 2D puzzle platformer made in the Unity Engine. It follows the eponymous Lamplighter on their journey to either bathe the world in light once more, or leave it in darkness. Now, the team is working on making a 3D version of the game.


Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, Procreate, Unity


The Lamplighter is a (currently) third-person exploration platforming game that focuses on the adventure of the eponymous character in the ruins of a forgotten civilization. In the game, the player must alternate between the two characters and leverage their unique abilities in order to remove obstacles, light lamps, and clear the path forward, as they interact with each other and a mysterious figure known only as "The Mentor". The player must cobble together scraps of knowledge from dialogue, exploration, and inference to unveil the secrets behind their creation, their creators, and their purpose.

Throughout the game, the player will be required to make various decisions, some with far-reaching consequences. Every choice they make will change the future of the civilization and affect the ending of the game. However, with past experience comes new knowledge: even when interactions may seem familiar, new choices may emerge, based on what has become of the world.

Promotional Trailer

I created the promotional trailer for this game by illustrating additional artwork, and then compositing and animating them in After Effects. The sound design was created from a stock soundtrack, overlaid with additional stings and instruments.

Visual Development
Level Design
The Lamplighter - Redux
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