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Catch of the Night

Project Type

Interactive Film


Vancouver, BC




Art Direction, Visual Development, Cinematography, Texture Painting, Edit and Compositing

Catch of the Night is an experimental, interactive film made in Unreal Engine. Made in collaboration with Trickfilm, a streaming service, focused purely on animation, which empowers creators to broadcast their work and to sell merchandise directly to their audiences.

On this project, I led creative direction through storyboard, animatic, and sound design and established visual direction through rapid sketches and storyboards to accommodate revisions. I also directed shots (3D sequence) and animated (2D) characters’ fight choreography, and developed designs through character sheets, illustrations, and floor layout marked for action choreography. As a side quest from the client, I worked with my developer to design and implement a minigame to make this an interactive short. I also created over 120 combinations of character designs for users to customise in a real-time rendering film. Lastly, I supervised prop layout and UI/UX design by testing and validating interactive elements.

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