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Project Type

Music Video, VR


Vancouver, BC




Cinematography, Art Direction, UX/UI, Post-VFX

Music video turned immersive VR experience; featured at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2023. "The Dark" featuring Monstercat artists Whipped Cream, Jasiah & Crimson Child, presents a new VR experience that blends electronic and opera music in an emotion-oriented story about a toxic relationship. Captured volumetrically in Vancouver, Canada at The Departure Lounge's Metastage, this VR experience showcase next-generational immersive storytelling, featuring amazing photorealistic holographic performances.

As art director, I led virtual cinematography on this project and was in charge of storyboarding, Unreal Engine cinematography, and fx visual development. For the 2D music video, I also supervised and did post and effects. For the SXSW VR submission, I oversaw the UX/UI and planned the user journey according to the narrative of the music video to ensure an immersive guided experience.

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